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Most little girls play with dolls and have tea parties, but Anavey and Anastasia would rather play with severed body parts and drink their victims' blood.

Young Blood
A novel by Stephen Mark Rainey
     with Mat & Myron Smith
Format: Trade paperback
Retail Price: $14.99

Release Date: June  2016
ISBN #978-1-51974-244

Raised in a torn home, young Anavey fancies herself a vampire, only to discover she actually is descended from a line of vampires. As she reaches puberty, she begins to exhibit bloodsucking tendencies, and with the help of her younger sister Anastasia, forms an army of young, blood-thirsty vampires. The kids, who regard the adults in their community as merciless oppressors, begin a campaign of terror, intent on making the town of Martindale their own. No one is safe, especially the girls' mother, Olivia, and their abusive, overbearing stepfather, Dale Buckmeyer.

Will Anavey’s dreams of death, destruction, and conquest become a reality? Can Anastasia escape the vamprie cult before it’s too late for her and her parents? Will the angry mob from the town put an end to the insanity?

The novel Young Blood, which I wrote in close collaboration with moviemakers Mat and Myron Smith, is based on their movie Young Blood: Evil Intentions, but delves much deeper into the storyline and characters, all while retaining the crucial element of humor that makes Young Blood a brutal, rip-roaring, hysterically funny gem.

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Stephen Mark Rainey is author of the novels Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), Balak, The Lebo Coven, Blue Devil Island, and The Nightmare Frontier; the short story collections Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors, The Last Trumpet, Legends of the Night, and Other Gods; and over 100 works of short fiction. He achieved questionable infamy and absolutely no fortune as editor of Deathrealm magazine, and has edited the anthologies Deathrealms, Song of Cthulhu, and Evermore (with James Robert Smith).

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