The Labyrinth of Souls

By Stephen Mark Rainey

An Unearthly Horror Is Unleashed at Collinwood in This Thrilling Dark Shadows Novel!

After an absence of many years, Quentin Collins returns to Collinwood, hoping to free himself of the curse of the werewolf once and for all or lose his life in the attempt. His longtime friend, Dr. Julia Hoffman, commits herself to aiding him in his quest, as does his cousin, Barnabas Collins, who suffers from his own supernatural affliction.

However, an almost-forgotten specter from Quentin's past follows him to his family home and, seeking vengeance on the Collins family, unleashes a monstrous creature to destroy them, one by one. The unearthly horror first attacks Quentin's lovely cousin Carolyn, with devastating consequences. For Quentin, the cost of saving her and the rest of his loved ones may be his very soul.

Dark Shadows: The Labyrinth of Souls is a full-length novel based on the ABC-TV Dark Shadows serial (19661971). I wrote the treatment for this novel for HarperCollins shortly after the publication of Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (co-written with Elizabeth Massie) in 1999. However, when HarperCollins sold its media tie-in division (HarperPrism), the Dark Shadows novel series met an untimely death, and Labyrinth was left in limbo.

In 2002, I completed the novel, given a glimmer of hope that the series would be resurrected; however, it was not to be. Therefore, I have decided to make it available here in e-format, at no charge, with the understanding that it is to be considered a work of fan fiction only. All characters in Dark Shadows are hereby acknowledged as being the property of Dan Curtis Productions, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Dark Shadows:
The Labyrinth of Souls

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Stephen Mark Rainey is author of the novels Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), Balak, The Lebo Coven, Blue Devil Island, and The Nightmare Frontier; the short-story collections Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors, The Last Trumpet, and Legends of the Night; and over 100 works of short fiction. He achieved questionable infamy and absolutely no fortune as editor of Deathrealm magazine, and has edited the anthologies Deathrealms, Song of Cthulhu, and Evermore (with James Robert Smith).

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