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A pleasant New Year's Eve outing becomes an experience in otherworldly horror...

The Gods of Moab
A novella by Stephen Mark Rainey
Publisher: Damned Rodan
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Retail Price: $2.99

Release Date: May 2012

...when two close-knit couples discover a shocking secret in the darkest corners of the Appalachian mountains. At an opulent mountain inn, Warren Burr, his fiancee, Anne, and their friends, Roger and Kristin Leverman, encounter a religious zealot named John Hanger, who makes it his business to bear witness to them of his peculiar...and disturbing...faith. His efforts rebuffed, Hanger insidiously assumes control of the couples' technological devices, leading them into unexpected, surreal landscapes...landscapes inhabited by nightmarish beings that defy explation and rationality. To return to the world they thought they knew, Warren and his friends must not only escape the deadly entities that pursue them but somehow stop John Hanger's nightmare-plague from spreading to the outside world.

The Gods of Moab is a new novella by Stephen Mark Rainey, acclaimed author of Balak, Blue Devil Island, Other Gods, The Nightmare Frontier, Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), and former editor of the award-winning Deathrealm Magazine.

About The Gods of Moab:

"Only a few modern writers understand Lovecraftian fiction. And of those few, only a couple stand out. Mark Rainey is one of those and he writes the most traditional — but no less cosmic — form of this kind of story. I've read very few tales like this one, and Rainey uses kinetic style to great effect! It's a stroke of brilliant writing. Mark Rainey's fiction is a must-have for anyone searching for a good horror story."

—James Robert Smith, author of The Flock, The Clan, and The Living End


"After devouring The Gods of Moab in one short sitting, this novella has not only has become my favorite work by the author, it has become one of my favorite reads of the year. Rainey balances his supernatural frights with the natural, and it works beautifully. From the first page to its mind-bending final sentences, The Gods of Moab will have readers wide-eyed and enthralled."

TTZuma, HorrorWorld


Stephen Mark Rainey is author of the novels Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (with Elizabeth Massie), Balak, The Lebo Coven, Blue Devil Island, and The Nightmare Frontier; the short story collections Fugue Devil & Other Weird Horrors, The Last Trumpet, Legends of the Night, and Other Gods; and over 100 works of short fiction. He achieved questionable infamy and absolutely no fortune as editor of Deathrealm magazine, and has edited the anthologies Deathrealms, Song of Cthulhu, and Evermore (with James Robert Smith).

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